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“This delicate political novel evokes the sights and smells of the Pakistan of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and General Zia. We are inside the head of a child spying on her past. I read CITY OF SPIES as the story of another school-girl in Pakistan, a different Malala. This Malala unmasks a whole new landscape of feeling.” – Amitava Kumar

“Rich, resonant and lyrical, NOOR is a novel which tackles, unflinchingly, the legacy of war, and . . . makes of great suffering a work of beauty. Sorayya Khan has written a powerful and haunting novel, and a wholly original book.” – Claire Messud

“Richly layered, eminently readable, FIVE QUEEN’S ROAD unfolds with a poignancy and veracity that will haunt the reader as it did me.” – Bapsi Sidhwa