Book Launch at Buffalo Street Books

There’s nothing like a hometown book launch at Buffalo Street Books. It was a thrill.  I remember reading from my first novel, Noor, at the bookstore when it was still The Bookery and space allocated for readings was in the then “new” public library a few blocks away. The afternoon was special with good friends we hadn’t seen for ages driving down from Syracuse and others here at home taking time away from their Sunday afternoon (and Ithaca’s Apple Festival!) to support me.  I’m still basking in the joy of it all. (Thanks to Barbara Adams for most of the photos.)



Brooklyn Book Festival Event


An event with Claire Messud and Jostein Gaarder, moderated by Eric Banks on September 17, 2017 at the Brooklyn Book Festival .

Acquired Knowledge: The Mysteries and Perils of Adolescence
Education goes far beyond the classroom, especially when it comes to the lessons that cut the deepest. Whether growing apart from a lifelong friend in adolescence, exploring philosophical ideas typically considered beyond a child’s grasp, or losing a close friend before their time, the roller-coaster ride of youth can be terrifying. Claire Messud (The Burning Girl), Norwegian Jostein Gaarder (Questions Asked), and Sorayya Khan(City of Spies: A Novel) cover the many ways the world can change before a young person’s eyes. Moderated by Eric Banks.